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Notice of AGM 30.12.2020
New composition of various comittees
Notice of BM 13.11.2019
Notice of BM 18.03.2019
Notice of BM 29.05.2019
Scrutnizer Report AGM 2019
Outcome AGM 2019
Notice of BM 14.11.2018
Notice of BM 26.05.2018
Outcome of AGM 2018
Scrutnizer Report AGM 2018
Notice of BM 09.05.2017
Notice of BM 13.12.2017
Notice of AGM 29th Sept. 2017
Notice for Board Meeting 09 May 17
Scrutinizer Report 2017
Advertisement Postal Ballot Notice
Outcome of Board Meeting 25 Jan 17
Insider Trading Code
For Investor Grievance
                Annual Report                                                                                                                   Company Policies & Procedures
Conflict of Interest Policy
GCM - System & Procedures
Insider Trading Policy
Internal Control & Risk Management Policy
NISM Series VII policy
PMLA Policy
Policy for Un-Authentic News Circulation
Policy on CLD Modification
Policy On Limit Setting
Policy on Outsource of activities
Policy on Pre-Funded Instrument
Surveillance Policy
Code of conduct of Board of Directors and Senior Management Personnel
Composition of various Committees
Criteria of making payments to non-executive directors
Current business activities of the Company
Details of agreements entered into with the media companies
Draft Letter of Appointment of Independent Director & its Terms & Conditions
Familiarization Programme for Indepdent Directors
Policy of Material Subsidiaries
Related Party transaction Policy
Roles & Responsibilites of Risk Management Committee
Whistle Blower Policy
Materiality Policy
Policy on Preservation of Documents
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